Tuition Rates and Guidelines

Ocean Strings Studio Enrollment 2023-2024


Wave Catcher 

OPT. #1 Monthly 

(August 15- May 15)


30-40 minute



& 2 Seasonal Ensemble Classes


Shaka Shaper/ Soulful Surfer

OPT. #1 Monthly 

(August 15- May 15)


30-40 minute



1 Weekly Ocean Youth Orchestra  OYO: Tuesday 6:30PM




OPT. #1 Monthly 

OPT. #2 Per Session

Group Ukulele- 40 min

$ 25.00

$ 100.00

$ 325.00

Extra Ukulele Rental (Per Session)


$ 25.00


Studio Tuition & Schedule


Tuition is based on an eleven month period (August-June) and divided into ten monthly payment installments beginning August 15th. The studio runs much like a private school; Tuition remains the same each month and is based on enrollment, reserving your child’s exclusive lesson time throughout the academic year, whether he/she attends lessons or not.


(Stripe, Zelle or Venmo accepted) due with signed copies of the studio enrollment and/or schedule on or before August 15th. Tuition payments due via secure autodraft ON THE 15th OF EACH MONTH


* A NSF fee of $20 may be assessed for any declined electronic funds or late payments (10 days or more past the draft date). Accounts on the payment plan must be up to date for classes to be continued. For new students that join the studio after September 15th, 2023: Tuition will be prorated. 



Enrollment Fee


Due upon signup to the studio or upon an annual re-enrollment a minimum of 2 weeks before the beginning of the annual schedule (usually August) pending space.


Studio Account/ App


Visiting your MMS STUDIO ACCOUNT will provide financial information.

TONARA is our studio assignments app and will help offer support with Teacher Notes and more the 6 days in between music lessons. We encourage celebrating musical progress with friends and family! Parents agree to release photos shared with OSS of their child’s lesson time within the professional realm of the studio website and social media.



Parent Notes


You are invited and welcome to attend your child’s lesson(s)!  We require your presence at online and in person lessons for students under 10 years old. Please communicate with us so we can nurture our students’ musical and personal growth with you!


This is an instrument-priority studio. Please limit the amount of your child’s other activities and plan to accommodate these around your child’s studio schedule. When you enroll in other activities, please inform the activity’s director that you are unable to miss studio events. 

Missed Lessons/ Cancellations

SOLO/PRIVATE LESSONS:                                                                                                                                                                                                    

When you take private lessons, you are paying for the teacher to reserve a specific time for you for the semester. This time has been set aside for you regardless of whether you attend or not. If you know you will miss a lesson in advance due to a schedule conflict, please let your educator know. Your options may be:

1) Take an online lesson in place of your in person lesson: same day/time. This may be possible if you or your child is sick but well enough to take the lesson online. (This is required esp. if diagnosed with flu or Covid-19 symptoms.) Or if you have traveled to another location where you may access an instrument or bring your own instrument with you. 

2) Send/Text in a Tonara video of your Week's assignment of: A Scale w/ Bowing Rhythm, Song Progression etc., ahead of your lesson time for educator assessment. Your educator will then use your lesson time to make an asynchronous audio or video file in return via Tonara with suggestions on improvement.

3) A COMPLETE CANCELLATION made 24+ hours in advance will allow you to donate your lesson time to another studio family.  Simply email the studio: and we will care for this for you.



There are no makeups nor financial compensation for group classes missed. If a group class date needs to be re-scheduled, we will notify the studio in advance of the new updated date.   

Please do not contact the teacher with make-up requests, as these cannot be accommodated.


Teacher Illness/ Absence/ Re-scheduling

1) ABSENCE/ RESCHEDULING: If a teacher is unable to provide an in person lesson we will follow the same 3-step process as a MISSED LESSON. (Please see above.) 

2) SICKNESS: The teacher is allocated one “sick day” per student per year; this missed lesson is not required to be made up. Any further lessons missed by the teacher, or any lesson missed for reasons other than illness, will be handled on a case by case basis per studio decision. This policy is in accordance with FLTA guidelines for private studio teachers. 


Enrollment Re-Evaluation

If a student comes to a lesson frequently unprepared, continuation of lessons will be re-evaluated. Persistent absence/ tardiness, excessive requests for scheduling changes for non-valid reasons and lessons missed with no advance notice and/or an uncooperative attitude or general dislike of lessons may result in discontinuation of lessons. Lessons may also be discontinued for any reason at the teacher’s discretion. 

If OSS decides to discontinue lessons, tuition will be pro-rated up to the last lesson taken and a refund provided, if applicable. 





If a family chooses to discontinue lessons within the first introductory month they may do so. After this time period, the student must provide at least one month’s advance written notice upon request via a withdrawal form. If the student does not provide one month’s advance written notice, the student shall be liable for one month’s tuition in full, even if no lessons are attended during that month.                                                          

Please make sure to allow for a final lesson to honor the relationship and say “good-bye.”