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Welcome to Ocean Strings Studio!

Ocean Strings' mission is to help people of all ages explore and appreciate the multi-genre world of string music-- classical, jazz, latin, gypsy, rag, bluegrass/fiddle and much more!  It is through this journey we want to share our love of music, family and life!  Why the stringed instruments?  Consider some of the following reasons you and/or your child will benefit from learning a stringed instrument:    

* Playing a stringed instrument enhances a child's quality of life. It provides creative, emotional and social opportunities and can lead to improvements in academic performance in other areas beyond music.

* All Children are capable of learning to play a stringed instrument, regardless of talent, gifts or musical background.  String classes have been successfully taught to diverse populations and in diverse settings.  

* Unlike most other musical instruments, stringed instruments come in a variety of sizes so that children as young as four or five years old can begin instruction- especially in parent/teacher cooperation via the Suzuki method.

* The great diversity of music that can be performed on strings- from orchestral music to contemporary and pop music.  Other world cultures also use stringed instruments in their music making.  In learning this diverse source of music we can broaden our understanding of other peoples, lands and cultures.

* Lifelong opportunities to perform on a stringed instrument abound.  There are more than 1,500 orchestras in the United States. Great historical figures have been known to perform music on the strings- among them are Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

* Playing a stringed instrument enhances the enjoyment of music and leads to a lifelong appreciation of music. An estimated 32 million people currently attend concerts each year in the United States.  

* Finally, another key reason many see the value of learning a stringed instrument:  Colleges and universities often need string players for their orchestras and may offer full or partial scholarships to qualified students regardless of their intended academic major.  

We're excited by the abundant reasons we have to play these very special and very unique set of instruments. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CONTACT USabout your interest in joining our studio family OR our NEW KINDERMUSIK CLASSES!!! We look forward to performing strings with you!

Richard & Nicole Ballinger

ASTA- American String Teachers Association
FMEA- Florida Music Teacher's Association
FOA- Florida Orchestra Association
SAA- Suzuki Association of the Americas